Fish Supper Recipes

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for inspiration for your Fish Supper. We’ve got a selection of recipes from RNLI crew members who named these as their go-to favourites on cold Autumn nights. They may not always get to finish the supper if their pager goes off, but at least the delicious leftovers will be waiting for them when they come home safely. You’ll also find a selection of recipes from RNLI staff and supporters to choose from. Some are simple, some are more challenging, but there’s something here for everyone.

Baked Cod with Blackened Butter

A delicious fish dish created with only 4 ingredients & ready in less than 20 minutes.

‘This browned butter sauce is most commonly served with skate, however we’ve suggested cod as it’s much easier to get hold of. Sprinkle with parsley just before serving to add a vibrant dash of green.‘

Henry Chevallier Guild, Aspall

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Simple Salmon Blini Canapés

Perfect for party season. No one want’s to be holed up in the kitchen slaving over a hot stove at a dinner party – try this quick and easy canapé recipe, guaranteed to impress any party guest!

‘As fish fanatics we’re flipping our fins with glee over hosting a Fish Supper to help our friends at the RNLI, so this simple salmon blini canape recipe is the perfect way to kick start our Fish Supper.’

The Saucy Chef

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Smoked haddock on toast

You can host your Fish Supper any time of the day, so why not try this tasty recipe for a breakfast or lunch fish fundraiser!

‘Seafood for breakfast is my favourite! It feels like such a treat but it’s so good for you too.’

Heather Middleton, Seafish, Edinburgh

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Salmon and Rooster Pesto Fishcakes

Classic fish cakes with a pesto twist

‘A tasty and simple fish supper combining classic Rooster potatoes with fresh salmon, ideal for mid-week dinners or with a glass of wine to celebrate the weekend. It’s easy to pull together and a crowd pleaser, which makes it perfect to serve for friends and family.’

Kirsty, RNLI supporter, Airdrie

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Tina’s Fish Pie

A delicious, warming family favourite.

‘I love the sea and I’m a big RNLI supporter. I’m very excited to make this pie for my Fish Supper.’

Tina Smith, RNLI Supporter, Ilfracombe

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Smokie Temptation

A favourite for mackerel lovers.

‘An old family recipe with luxuriously rich flavours.’

Mary Price, RNLI Supporter and Committee Member, Montrose

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