Why it matters

We are a huge community of thousands of volunteers, fundraisers, crew members and lifeguards. We come from all walks of life to help rescue people when they get into trouble at sea.

And we couldn't do it without you. Here's a look at how we're saving lives — with your support.

Crew Stories

People around the UK and Republic of Ireland will host Fish Suppers from 14–16 October. Our volunteer crews often have to skip meals with their families to rescue people at sea. They do it because they care passionately about helping people. All they ever ask is that they have the right kit, training and support to keep them safe while they’re on a shout.

These are just some of their stories.

Porthdinllaen RNLI supporters’ story

Welsh TV presenter Morgan Jones is a passionate RNLI supporter. He cares so much about our lifesaving work that he and 19 other Porthdinllaen Lifeboat Station supporters have …

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Emily Stott’s story

Emily Stott’s brother Jimmi was a passionate and vibrant man. He lived every day to the full and he loved to surf off the coast of Cornwall. While …

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Mawgan Porth Beach

Recently married Rachel and Mick Bennett were making the most of their honeymoon in Cornwall. They were enjoying a romantic walk along Mawgan Porth Beach and making the …

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Angle Lifeboat Station

When RNLI crew members are paged in the early hours of the morning, they can’t just snuggle under the duvet or hit the snooze button. They have to …

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Lochinver and Thurso Lifeboat Stations

When the crew of a stricken cargo boat found themselves pushed towards Cape Wrath in treacherous Winter seas, Lochinver and Thurso lifeboats launched to rescue them from danger. …

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Appledore and Padstow Lifeboat Stations

RNLI crew members can never predict what they will face on rescues. For the crews of Appledore and Padstow Lifeboat Stations, rescuing a cargo ship and its 3,000 …

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Blackpool Lifeboat Station

Debbie and Ian Hale were enjoying a day at the beach when the personal watercraft they were riding collided with North Pier. One of RNLI Blackpool’s D class …

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Fethard Lifeboat Station

A beautiful day in County Wexford turned into a nightmare for Eoin and his girlfriend. They’d been on a walk with their 2-year-old cocker spaniel Wilson when he …

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Bridlington Lifeboat Station

When the shellfish trawlers Genesis Enigma and Genesis Rose were caught in a storm, they knew they had to act quickly to reach the safety of Bridlington Harbour. Experienced skipper …

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Do you have a question?

We want your Fish Supper to go swimmingly! This website has a whole host of information and materials for you to download and view, on everything from holding dinner parties, to recipe ideas and how to donate. We know you might still have some questions about this year’s Fish Supper weekend. You’ll find the most commonly asked questions, along with answers from the Fish Supper Team in our FAQ section.