Angle Lifeboat Station

When RNLI crew members are paged in the early hours of the morning, they can’t just snuggle under the duvet or hit the snooze button. They have to act. And when the Coastguard paged Angle lifeboat volunteers at 2am on 28 October 2015, they knew it was a matter of life and death.

A fishing boat had run aground in the dark and was sinking rapidly off Ynys Moelfre. Angle crew members put on their gear quickly and launched the Tamar class Mark Mason within 7 minutes. When they found the fishing boat, it was taking on water and rolling in the swell. Angle’s crew tried to pump water out of the vessel, but it was flooding back in too quickly and they pulled each of the fishing boat’s crew to safety. On this chaotic pre-dawn rescue, the crew’s training and experience kept everyone safe. 

‘With a sinking vessel, time is of the essence. Even with a 2am alarm call your training means you know exactly what to do.’

– Lewis Creese, Coxswain

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