Bridlington Lifeboat Station

When the shellfish trawlers Genesis Enigma and Genesis Rose were caught in a storm, they knew they had to act quickly to reach the safety of Bridlington Harbour. Experienced skipper Neil Robson and his son George helmed their respective vessels. But as they made their way back, rope fouled the Genesis Enigma’s propeller – so George began a tow.

Manoeuvring both vessels in the harbour’s narrow entrance proved dangerous, so the RNLI Bridlington launched their Mersey class lifeboat to help. Although the vessels’ crews were afraid and their ships were scratched, RNLI crew members undertook a tricky rescue and brought them home safely. They even helped them unload their catch.

My pager went off and as I raced off I told my wife, as I always do, that I’d call her as soon as I knew what the shout was going to be.

–  Coxswain Stuart Tibbett 

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